Our Gratitude to Land

As a business group in UAE, with its hands in various sectors and industries,
on behalf of My Desert Spring (MDS), LIMS group management would like to take the chance of thanking the country
and its leaders for fertilizing the deserts of the gulf into an apt environment to do business in a fair and stress free condition. The
vision and pace of the growth of UAE, by the grace of GOD and the hard work of its leaders and citizens, has grown Dubai as the best
place to work and live in. The equality and the just treatment of people by the LAW of this country, irrespective of caste, creed or
nationality, has made business men and employees to invest their money, hard work and enthusiasm in this country. May GOD bless
this country and its leaders and give them more strength and power to achievehigher levelsand make this
country a ‘Heaven on earth’.