Why Us

MDS pure water concentrates purely in 5 gallon reusable bottled drinking water supply. Completely into house operations, with own purification and filling plant approved from the authorities and certified by HACCP and ESMA, our operations include sourcing, purifying, filling , and delivery of our product to the door step of our customers.


Our Strength

Built on the strong shoulders of our dedicated technical, non-technical, skilled and unskilled personnel, the company was never held back from the pace of its drastic growth. Our team of 100 plus staffs, in various departments, is categorized to Management, Finance, Sales and Marketing, Production, Logistics, Inventory, Quality Control, Customer relations and Business developments. Completely trained and certified food handlers also are an integral part of team.

Our Fleet

Our fleet managers and their team always strive hard and achieve higher goals in their dedication to serve our customers on time. Our delivery system has a unique method of tracing our entire products movement route with no missing link back to factory. This allows us to ensure our products reach our end users safe as released from the factory. Our fleet consists of 40 plus vehicles moving our product, our staffs and others in all directions of the Emirates.

Quality Assurance

As we are into the business of delivering the most inevitable basic commodity known to mankind, we keep a great humanitarian value and are very much adamant on serving the most valuable resource at the highest level of quality. The reason we are able to win and maintain the loyalty and the trust of our customers to our brand and our company is no big secret, it’s just that our methods of purification, filling and distribution has always been our prime focus and have always updated them in terms of technique, standards and atomization.

The quality of our water is maintained right from the Dubai municipality and certification authority approved source, and continues through its transportation, handling and storage methods. We use high standards of purification and re-mineralization process through the state of the art high end machines and purification equipment.