How We Do It

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Water Purification

Our water goes through the following processes before it reaches our customer.

  • The raw water is filled in our tank after it runs through highly efficient filtration channel. The water is filtered through bag filters of 5 microns in highly sanitized SS housings.
  • The water again goes through a natural process of filtration through sand filters and activated carbon filters. Active charcoal carbon filters are most effective at removing chlorine, sediment, volatile organic compounds.
  • Absolute filtration removes any impurities to level of 1 micron when passed through our dual absolute filters of 1 and 2 microns
  • The filtered fine water undergoes through reverse osmosis (RO) which is a water purification technology that uses a semipermeable membrane. Reverse osmosis removes any type of molecules and ions from the filtered raw water.
  • The water with minimal Total dissolved solid (TDS) is passed through a re-mineralization system which adds our LAB developed composition which replenishes the human body with vital minerals found in the natural water. Our composition is approved by the laboratories of authorities like Dubai municipality and certification bodies as HACCP and ESMA.
  • This water is then stored in our regularly sanitized panel product storage tanks.
  • The water before filled in the bottles goes through Ozonisation which assures the disinfection of the product from any bacterial bodies.
  • The ultimate step of the process is when the water is reassured of disinfection by passing it through UV lights.


The reusable bottle goes through various steps of inspection and sanitizing through our line of production before it is filled up with the product to be served to our customers. The following shows the route of the bottle movement in the production line.

  • Physical sight inspection before loading into the production line for impurities, tough dirt or odour.
  • Bottles passing the initial inspection are loaded in the machines for de-caping which removes the caps of the reused bottles returned from our customers.
  • On automated conveyors the bottles then move to rotary washing machines which wash the external part of the bottles with bristles, brushes and pressurized water spray. The detergent used here are food grade approved by the authority and their laboratories.
  • The bottles then are loaded into the inner washing section which goes through a 11 stage washing with acid chemicals, alkaline based chemicals and water. After thorough rinsing the bottles are filled with the final product water and capped.
  • Before the final sealing of quality assurance, the product is stamped with the production date and batch number for tracking purpose.
  • The product is then sealed after a final eye sight manual inspection.

Delivery operation

Our fleet managers and their team always strive hard and achieve higher goals in their dedication to serve our customers on time. Our delivery system has a unique method of tracing our entire products movement route with no missing link back to factory. This allows us to ensure our products reach our end users safe as released from the factory. As we are doing the business of drinking water distribution we know how important the delivery time and value keeping our schedule well. We understand each of our customers consumption levels very well. Our delivery schedulers make sure our customers do not miss any delivery scheduled. Our backup delivery team makes sure additional delivery slots if any customer requires water delivery out of their scheduled delivery date or time.

Feedback and Customer Relations Management

We know our customers well! We are always in touch with them through our call centers, inbound and survey out bond calls. Our agents’ enthusiasm to know what our customers think about us really matter us, as we would always like to be informed if our hard work has hit the spot. Our customer relation management team, with their highly sophisticated software and call center setup, build up a strong data base of our customers, their views and experiences about us and our competitors. The call center is just a small part of our big CRM. Our complaint management system ensures that no complaints by our customers is gone unheard and that it is investigated to the root and if necessary, the higher levels of management directly involve in the closure verifying of the facts and flaws if any involved.