About Us

MDS pure water carries the 17 year legacy of trust and customer satisfaction and still strives to achieve higher goals to maintain its credibility among its customers, law regulators and its competitors in the industry. Bringing forth a new look to a brand which has been in the industry of water purification, filling and distribution of 5 gallon bottle in UAE’s drinking water segment, established in 1998 in Ajman, MDS has shifted its purification and distribution to Dubai and emerged with improvisation to its looks, brand image and name. Newly known as My Desert Spring Pure Water LLC, is now operated in Al Qusais, Ind Area 5, Dubai, under the new management of LIMS Group, which has shown its excellence in the field of water purification and distribution in different names in the market.


Our Vision and Goal

Our vision purely is to dominate the market in terms of customer satisfaction and plan to expand our product range to PET 5gallon, 1.5 Litter, 500ml, 250ml cups and so on.


Was not easy but we strive and are successful in providing our customers who trusted us all these years with the purity of the most essential part of life ‘Pure drinking Water?.


Where a business connects, it develops a lot of responsibility to its customers, suppliers, authorities and the society. When it supplies a basic commodity, the values we keep become more sensitive, as generating returns of satisfaction becomes primary, pushing money making to a secondary level.

What We Do

MDS pure water concentrates purely in 5 gallon reusable bottled drinking water supply. Completely into house operations, with own purification and filling plant approved from the authorities and certified by HACCP and ESMA, our operations include sourcing, purifying, filling , and delivery of our product to the door step of our customers.